Once upon a time..

Sensi was born from the necessities that one of our founders, João Neves, had as a musician. João had the dream of building his own electric guitar designed to answer to his aesthetic and artistic desires. He wished to create a tool based on the sound processing interaction. The tool could be integrated in an instrument such as an electric guitar – just like it is often used with synthesizers. The point was to keep it simple and to allow musicians to perform with no restrictions of movement on a stage.

From these ideas João asked some help to his brother in law, Marco Félix, and together they built the Sensi Guitar – a conventional electric guitar with a built-in remote controller that allows interacting with external equipment and software. The controller consists of extraordinary surfaces, such as proximity and pressure sensors which are interesting to used in a guitar. The sensors are versatile in the usage. The user decides when to use them and in what way.

Image by Pedro Lucas for @Behind the Scenes (www.behindthescenes.pt)
Image by Pedro Lucas for @Behind the Scenes (www.behindthescenes.pt)

After building Sensi Guitar João understood that the project has a potential to allow the communication between all the controls, sound sources and sound processors. Yet, it was not limited only to this. The idea concerned also the communication between setups of various musicians in João’s musical projects. To make it happen, he released software, Lady Six Strings, which works with modular effect processors . It has a wide range of applications – it works with any kind of sound sources, plug-ins and musical equipments. The software not only allows to save presets of the signal paths, but also to interact between the pairs of internal / external controls.

A continuation of the project was the Cat’s Brain Foot Controller personally designed by João. Its main characteristic is the ability to aggregate an enormous number of pieces of stage equipment. The controller works with a conventional network system with no need for drivers. It is intuitive in the usage and the choice of the presets is easy to understand.

The three of Sensi projects are fully compatible with each other. The guitar, software and the foot controller are successfully used in performances on the stage. Their functions are effortlessly adapted to the needs of the each show.