Sensi M is made to enhance expressivity while creating and performing

A Bluetooth MIDI Controller small enough to fit in your pocket. Sensi M is modular and you can attach it to an instrument or use it standalone.

Create your own Sensi M set and adapt it easily to your needs

Pressure Atom

Including a pressure sensitive interface, the Pressure Atom is a master module of Sensi M.

In consequence, it is the "brain" of a Sensi M set and can be used in multiple different ways, even standalone.

You can use the Pressure Atom also as a slave module for other Pressure Atoms.

Turn Atom

Including a knob interface, Turn Atom is a slave module.

You can set the way that it works on the Pressure Atoms.

As a result, the Turn Atom works as an extension of a Pressure Atom.

With Sensi M you can…

Enhance the sound of any instrument

The special bottom surface of Sensi M allows you to attach the modules on an instrument and reposition it as many times you need.

Start interacting with effects and discover new sounds from the instrument that you have been practicing for years!






Extend other MIDI controllers

Easily use the Sensi M modules as an expressive extension for your other MIDI controllers and enrich your synth lines without getting more cables on the way.

With Sensi M, your MIDI controllers will not lack interfaces or comfortable positioning.





...and much more!

Make beats anywhere

Set the amount of pads that you need and create your beats in the studio or on the go using a smartphone or a tablet.

Don't lose your ideas before you arrive to the studio or start practicing some rhythms on your way back home.






Play chords without stretching your fingers

Sensi M modules can be programmed to help you playing melodies or even full chord progressions even if you don't know how to make any chord.

You will have no more excuses to not play the sounds that you imagine.






It works as you need

Thanks to Mcore you can create, edit, share and upload different firmware presets into your Sensi M set.




You don't know how to connect a Bluetooth MIDI controller?

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